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The Real World

Finally. I almost bought the farm.

It’s a strange feeling, being exhausted and thrilled at the same time. I can’t quite believe it yet either but we’re finally back in Lewistown and out of Mama Carrie’s house. Staying with Pap for a few days but damn it’s a major improvement. Don’t get me wrong, I love Carrie and all and I’ll miss the kittens and the pups but we couldn’t take another day of that good ol’ country living. No more cat piss and dog shit everywhere, no more flies, fleas and head lice, no more piles of dirty dishes and soiled clothing, no more waiting on brothers for hours and hours for a few minutes of dial-up internet. It’s all over. And the best part? We’re well on our way to establishing our own place. It’s nothing fancy but it’s our own place. Baby steps.

Right now, Dani’s at CareerLink doing whatever she has to over there for our “Cash Assistance” we’ll be receiving every two weeks or so and she’ll be asking them about getting me a job too. We’re still on WIC and will be for a long time, getting free juice (and milk, eggs and cheese for anyone else who isn’t Vegan). We have an appointment with the housing authority on Monday and, if all goes well (as it should), we’ll be in our own place within a few days. It was murder packing, loading and unloading all of that stuff (for the most part, all by my lonesome, since Dani’s just too pregnant for her own good) from Carrie’s house to Pap’s and it’ll be hell doing it again once that day comes and even though I’m dealing with the pain of that day-long workout even now, I couldn’t be happier. Things are seriously looking up.

Once we do have our own place with the housing people, we should have no problem getting food stamps or additional cash assistance. And I’ll spend some part of the day today filling out my applications for permanent residency and my work permit and even though I have no passport photos to send along with them (because we just can’t afford to get me any) I’m planning on begging them to excuse that. I only have a few days left of “legal” residency here in the US so I better get cracking.

I’ve already landed two, possibly three DJ gigs on Second Life and we’ve only just returned, so that’s even more money coming in. Truth be told, I could just sit on my ass all day on Second Life spinning and make a decent income that way. But I won’t be satisfied with that. It’s a real passion of mine, yes but I have much bigger plans for us…


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Happiness Is A Festival Of Abundant Vintage Revival

I’ve successfully succeeded in expanding my wardrobe twofold today.

Dani and I accompanied her mother and friends to a certain church in Lewistown this morning, wherein they were offering whoever set foot inside two plastic bags to stuff with whatever goodies they had on display; for free. Said goodies included but were not limited to: old clothes and knick-knacks. The bag man person at the door seemed charmed by our girlish innocence and offered us two more bags as we perused and picked up dozens of shirts, blouses, coats, pants, scarfs, sweaters and even a new pair of shoes for myself. A few things for the baby and some ornaments for our future home.

I was psyched.

I tried every last article of clothing on as soon as we arrived home. I was still suffering from sympathy pains but I didn’t care. Eventually, neither did Dani and we had a cute little session of dress-up before she passed out. If I can ever find this battery charger, I’m taking more pictures as soon as possible. I wanted to wash all of our new clothes tonite but I was a lazy bum and have been sitting in front of the computer since midnight. And I forgot to wake up Dani. I don’t think she’ll care though, she needs the sleep.

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The ABCs Of Me


B: BIRTHDAY: 19th February, 1983

C: CURRENT CRUSH: Some of my best friends.




G: WHO DO YOU GO TO FOR ADVICE: Danielle, Jen or Kristina

H: CURRENT HATRED: Country Living

I: I THINK: I’d like to have a vast amount of money right now.

J: JOB: Professional Hedonist/Financial Nonconformist

K: ANY KIDS: In progress.

L: LUST ABOUT: Ravers, Phoenician Girls & Christina Ricci

M: FAVORITE MOVIE: Lost In Translation



P: FAVORITE PERFUME/COLOGNE: All Natural Fragrances & Perfume Oils

Q: A LITTLE QUIRK ABOUT YOURSELF: My nose is the most sensitive part of my body.

R: LAST ROAD TRIP: From Phoenix, AZ to Lewistown, PA.

S: PLACE YOU FEEL SAFEST: In Danielle’s arms.

T: FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy


V: LAST TIME YOU WERE IN VEGAS: Seven to eight years ago.

W: WISHFUL THINKING: Becoming rich and famous.



Z: ZODIAC SIGN: Aquarius/Pisces

Thanks, Heather.

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Don’t Dream It, Be It

I have a problem. A few, to be honest. Although, if I could somehow solve this one particular problem, I’m sure everything else would fall into place. My problem isn’t that I’m completely and utterly bursting with creative energy lately. No. It’s the mere fact that I’m simply unable to channel all of it into one specific area. Truth be told, this has always been a problem of mine. Jack of all trades, master of none, so they say. God, I’m so tired of that phrase.

Anyway. Here’s what I’m thinking: I somehow get a hold of my old English teacher from college and ask her for some much needed advice. She was nice. Easily one of the nicest teachers I’ve ever had. So I’m sure she’ll help. Right? Yeah. And hey, she might even enjoy some of my crazed stories. She has before… I think.

So, back to my problem. All of this creative energy is essentially erupting from every seam and I just don’t know what to do. I’m itching to do something with myself — my talents — but the minute that I sit down to do so, my mind draws a blank. And it’s not that all of that energy goes away it’s just the moment I actually make an attempt to do something about it, I can never focus. This inability to concentrate overcomes me out of nowhere and it’s driving me mad.

If she could just help me, just give me a few pointers, something to get me on the right track, I’m sure I’d be well on my way. Maybe I need a little more help than that though. Hmmm.

I wish I was one of those really intelligent, educated, verbiose and eloquent writers that could make a soda can seem brilliant. But I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not by now. I wish I could do a lot of things better but I’m tired of beating myself up about that stupid little way of thinking. Experience and, I guess, common sense has taught me that comparing myself to others and calling myself stupid isn’t going to get me anywhere. Well, I guess I’m going to have to dive in head first and just do it, finally…

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It’s Time For Us To Take A Chance…

This is actually sort of nerve-racking in a strange sort of way. I haven’t had a blog in about a year or so but it’s about time. Can’t promise that I’ll be very committed to posting in it, considering my current situation but I’ll do my best. Besides, this is more of a personal outlet but hey, if you’re entertained in any way, shape or form, stick around; I love the attention.

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