Transgendered Harmony

Running from this frightened skin,
so comfortably withdrawn.
The memories still chase me to this day.
Did you know i’ve never really felt
so connected to this earth?

Transisitioning beyond this mould so bland and
lackluster, so frightfully undone.
So scared yet entranced and
it draws me in.
And i have to find myself in this place.


Is it so strange to feel at home
somewhere you’ve never really been?
Maybe i finally know where i belong.
Here, within myself.
So comfortably reborn.
Maybe there’s some sense to all of these
crazed happenings and meanderings,
all of these unspoken afterthoughts.

And this face can smile again.
Smile and let this all go.
Travelling into something untouched…

…Another page turns and here i am again.
Rewritten and new, waiting to be free.
Take the blade to my flesh and
release me. Finally.


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