i enjoy peeling the labels off of glass bottles and stuffing them inside, water, talking to inanimate objects, stationery and office supplies, looking up the proper spelling of words like “stationery”, listening to songs and making new ones by taking little snippets of them and rearranging them, dancing to anything, playing with faces, going fast, swimming upside-down, applying colourful stickers to random things, examining people and trying to figure out what animal they look most like, obsessing over my physical flaws and then overcoming them by telling myself how sexy i am, attention, listening to people laugh, sitting on a bed mattress next to a girl with long hair while she brushes it, imagining what certain people would look like with really big heads, wrapping my limbs around someone i cherish, reminiscing, gradually adjusting the temperature of the water in the shower from hot to cold, having my toes stepped on, wondering what my life would be like had i made alternative choices in the past, curling up, gazing at stars when i’m far away from the city, the scent of cinnamon and sugar, complaining about something silly and then quickly highlighting something positive about the same thing, watching old black and white American films, the way sunlight feels on your cheeks after stepping out of an air-conditioned environment, sharing secrets, being smothered, breasts and anything vegan.


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