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(This is one of the very few mornings I’ve woken up to a sleeping baby, so I thought I should take advantage of a rare opportunity while I still could.)

Hmmm… okay, no excuses today. I’ve been lazy. Busy, sure. But lazy. I don’t know what it is but I haven’t had much of an urge to stay committed to my wee, little blog lately. I used to be all over this thing. Maybe I was on some kind of mission to make myself heard. I dunno. Anyway, I wanna get back in it, I’ve just had other goings on eating up my precious little time.

Phoenix (the crazy baby from outer space) is looking absolutely, 100% per cent, completely and utterly adorable. He may drive us up the wall every single calendar day but he rocks our socks like no other. He’s got some kind of air about him that just sort of resonates something special (or maybe that’s just me being one damn proud mama). We’ve already taken him to the movies twice, by the pools around Treasure Island a few times, down to Boatswain’s Beach, over to my Aunt Barbara’s and envjoyed a sleepover at his grandparents. Been thinking about giving him his own little blog too, starting tomorrow, maybe, which marks his second month birthday anniversary (although he’s technically been eight weeks old since Thursday).

On the subject of blogs et cetera, I’ve also been secretly working on another Silky blog on the sly. One to accompany my Silky namesake on Second Life alone, chock full of way more electro (and nothing but electro) and all about the music and the scene online. Since I haven’t been able to spin for so long now, I’ve been training with Ableton Live in the hopes of getting back in the game with a much bigger, stronger arsenal of mad skills, if ya know what I mean. Ableton Live is simply amazing and there’s no arguing that but my shoddy excuse for a PC just isn’t cutting it anymore. (It’s survived numerous trials, so I can’t really knock Hypersonic for their uber-developed and souped-up Clevos.) So, I might be migrating my DJ business to the Mac for now.

In other news, I’m currently developing a small website for a client outside of Century 21 so if anyone asks, you heard nothing. Just a little something for Tortuga Rum Cake Co., nothing major but we could always do with a few extra funds.

I’ve been missing my friends. I guess D and I both have. Aside from frequent visits from my parents, we’re virtually alone on this island now. Just the three of us. And I’d like to say more about other persons that have recently entered our lives but it seems as though they may be slowly slipping out already. Oh, well. On with the show…


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MGMT, Design For Humanity

by Christina Scannapiego


dfh-event-mgmt.jpgBillabong USA has announced that electro-pop superstars MGMT will perform live at the 2nd Annual Design For Humanity event taking place June 4 at Hollywood hotspot, Avalon/Spider Club. Design for Humanity, Billabong’s charitable division, will benefit The Surfrider Foundation, an organization which strives to preserve our world’s oceans and beaches. 100% of ticket sale proceeds will go the The Surfrider Foundation.

Billabong’s 2nd Annual Design for Humanity event promises to be an unforgettable night of art, fashion and music, including a spectacular runway fashion show featuring one-of-a-kind celebrity designs, a photography and art exhibit and auction, a special live performance by MGMT, sounds by DJ Steve Aoki, and much more.

“This event is a labor of love for our brand,” says Candy Harris, Women’s Brand Director at Billabong. “It’s an opportunity for us to celebrate fashion, music and art all the while giving back to an organization that preserves our way of life.”

“This is an incredible melding of music, art, fashion and social responsibility,” says Surfrider Foundation CEO, Jim Moriarty. “We are honored to be named as beneficiaries for this year’s Billabong Design for Humanity event”

Design for Humanity will feature a full-scale runway show, where Billabong fashion and swimsuit pieces will be showcased on the catwalk, with one-of-a-kind collaborations from celebrities like Amber Valetta, Joy Bryant, and Charlotte Ronson. Pieces from this rare collection will be auctioned off on eBay, with all proceeds going directly to the charity.

Billabong’s collaborations with LA industry icons Lisa Kline and Jenny Han, who have created signature limited edition swimsuits for Cruise 2009, will be also be featured in the show. These pieces will be available at retailers nationwide. In addition to the celebrity and designer collections, exclusive t-shirts for Urban Outfitters designed by cultural icon Cory Kennedy will be available with proceeds from all collections benefitting The Surfrider Foundation.

Before the fashion show begins, guests can head to the Avalon’s Spider Club, for the art exhibit and auction which will feature works by well-known industry artists, like Wolfgang Bloch and Chris Jordan, as well as world-renowned surf photographers. Each piece will be auctioned off on eBay and bidding will begin the evening of the event. Three limited-edition posters will also be available for sale at the event and online.

After the fashion show, the party begins with a rock concert by music sensations and fan-favorites MGMT, and DJ sounds by Steve Aoki, one of LA and NY’s hottest and most in-demand DJ’s. MGMT has quickly climbed the charts and is one of the most unique and celebrated sounds on the indie music scene today.
More information and tickets:

8pm doors open
9:30pm Fashion Show
10:15pm MGMT performs
11pm DJ Steve Aoki

Tickets can be purchased for $30 (General Admission) and $150 (VIP) at

Cited from:

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You’ve Got To

by The Young Punx
Video by Han Hoogerbrugge

Oh, the memories. I first succumbed to the psychedelic trance of this nutty little video after a crazy, sweaty, sexed up nite in Tempe, glued to the screen and high as can be at 5 in the morning. I don’t think I blinked even once during the entire thing. So, yeah, I was thinking about that scene with a little grin on my face and just had to post the video to seal the moment in time. Goddamn, I miss you, Arizona. Enjoy.

Download The Video Here:

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by Justice

This shit is tight. You simply have to love Justice, there’s no way around it. The hot hot Parisian duo has been churning out blazing mixes and remixes of electro since 2003 and the temperature’s still rising. I came across this video and simply had to post it. I mean seriously — Justice, Electro, Badvertising. It’s screaming my name and I gave in. Also check out Mathematikal‘s Edit right here:

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Back In Mac

It’s been a long time coming but hey, let’s get personal.

So… I’m at work. Sitting in the office once again with absolutely nothing to do but just that. I’m stuck here without a supervisor, a shallow and sleazy British co-worker who doesn’t say a word to me, a dinosaur of a PC and oh, look… my new MacBook Pro has just arrived over the weekend. With nothing better to do, I decided to unravel its chic, glossy packaging to reveal the wonder that now lays on my office carpeting, humming quietly like a spring breeze under the surrounding fluorescent haze. Three weeks into my new job, it’s finally here and still, I can’t do jack with the poor thing. Look at its shiny eagerness. Suffice it to say, I’m not one of those stereotypical designers who goes gaga over Apple products but there’s an appreciation there, sure. I’ve always said they’re designed for simpletons (and I still stand by that statement) but people usually minconstrue that connotation. It gets the job done, hassle-free but they’re still hardly my first choice. Oddly enough, this time, it was.

After hand-picking the hardware, software and other doodads to accompany me in my own, confined area of office space, it’s slowly coming to my attention that, maybe, this job isn’t so bad after all. The pay’s a little lacking but we can get by, I suppose. Though, considering all of the baby products D and I have been scouring the web for lately, the figures do seem a little grim. And you should see this list, by the way. We’re nowhere near complete but it’s already pretty grandiose. We’ve found flushable, biodegradable diapers, couture, organic baby decor and all sorts of vegan-friendly options for our babe and we’re loving it. Thinking about posting said shopping list soon but that won’t be for a while.

We want the best for our little man, naturally — and yes, I really do mean “naturally” in every sense of the word — but (naturally) it comes at a cost. At this point in time, we might put the small dream of our own place on the back burner for another month or so just so we can save up to prepare for our forthcoming guest. I guess we can deal with a few more days of lecturing, tension and drawn out periods of awkward silence in order to accrue some much needed monies for him. I’m just becoming a little ill from swallowing my pride so often.

Speaking of which, I’m considering starting a new HRT regimen with the aid of selected items from The Phoenix Project. Those of you fellow TGs out there who may have had a little experience with them, please offer your guidance and wisdom if you’re so obliged. From all the homework I’ve done though, it seems like a good decision. And of course, they’re all natural so you know that’s music to my ears. No prescriptions necessary, way less expensive and good for you taboot! Come next paycheque, there’ll be some serious changes around here…

Speaking of paycheques, we’re broke again. My first one in months and we’ve just about spent every cent, save for a few bucks in my pocket and some loose change. Oddly enough, we didn’t waste it all partying our asses off this time either. In fact, most of it went to food and necessary organic and/or natural care products, all not tested on animals (which reminds me, I need to post something about that). Oh and damn, please watch Earthlings, everyone. It’s seriously something every single person on this planet needs to witness. We finally managed to catch An Inconvenient Truth last nite too and honestly, the emotional impact is on an even greater level. This planet’s in peril. People just need to give up the meat.

I’ve noticed that my blog is getting far more traffic lately so I’m hoping someone’s listening to me. I’m aware it’s mostly due to my recent posts of the Sweeney Todd soundtrack and Ministry of Sound compilation but if you happen to read this, walk away with something a little more meaningful if you can. I’m so close to going over the edge and mighty morphing into one of those raving activists running circles stark naked around big buildings. If not for your health, do it for mine. But don’t worry, I’ll continue to post more free music, tranny talk and whatever vegan goodness I happen to stumble upon. Spread the happiness!

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First Comes Love

Our baby is going to be a Vegan.

I don’t quite understand what the general populace doesn’t understand about the superiority of a vegan lifestyle over an omnivorous one, especially when it comes to health. I was under the impression that veggies were known for their health. Eat meat? Fine. But don’t get on our case for not doing so. And especially don’t get on our case for living vegan during pregnancy or raising our child vegan. And I’m not extremely bothered by it but apparently it’s some sort of common peeve amongst mutual vegans and vegetarians.

We’ve been scouring the net for baby resources. Vegan food, organic furniture and toys, eco-friendly products of any sort, essentially. We might be going overboard but I guess we can’t help it. We just want the best for Phoenix. We’ve far too many options to choose from, so it seems (and far too little money to be choosy) but whatever the choice, at least I can rest easy knowing our child is happy and green.

Went for that other interview today and it looks promising. They’re looking forward to me coming in again next week after they review a few final applicants but I get the feeling that this could be another winner. Sure as hell would be better than Century 21. Salary is way up there too. So… hmmm. God, I don’t know what’s happened to me lately. I’ve lost my knack for creative writing entirely. I need to get it back. I’m boring myself typing this and that’s not good. Guess I better get my ass into gear before they sign me up for Senior Graphic Designer.

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Misadventures Of A Vagrant T-Girl

There's plenty fun to be had. From the Cayman Islands, to London, to Phoenix and back again, Silky's been there, done that. But life's for the living and I ain't dead yet. Making vegans look cool, trannies sound sexy and delivering shit hot Electro is my deal. Loving my beautiful wife, nurturing my baby boy Phoenix and making my small mark on this jaded world of post-consumerism is my mantra. Friends, welcome. Guests, indulge. There's plenty fun to be had.


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