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Phoenix Rising

I’m just gonna come right out and say it. We have a baby. And here he is:

Li\'l Phoenix

Isn’t he just downright gorgeous? Every time I see his little face, I find myself at a loss for words. But, at some point, I need to smear that big grin off of my face and blab on about and glorify him a little bit. I mean, come on, it’s a blog after all. Okay, so let’s get straight to the mock meat of the story…

A little over a week ago now, after waiting anxiously for days and days for his much anticipated arrival and numerous false predictions, fruitless contractions and a few days leave, D and I went back to the hospital for another check-up and such. The projected due dates spanned somewhere between the 6th and the 12th and by the 14th, we were starting to get a little frustrated. So, our doctor started poking around down there, which I’m sure pulled a plug or twisted a knob somewhere, as not too long after, once we were settled in at home again, the contractions started coming hard and fast. At which point, we both started to scramble.

Packing up everything we thought we’d need for our stay, timing contractions with our handy dandy video camera, running through our checklists and making all sorts of calls to family and friends, it was pretty damn exciting to say the least. Although… when we finally made our way over there, courtesy of Nana, the doctor’s claimed she was far from going into labour. So they kicked us all out! Well, everyone but D. Their reasoning was, because she wasn’t in “heavy labour” just yet, that not even I was allowed to stay. So they sent us packing and I had to fold my arms and grunt all the way back home by my lonesome while D had to stick it out in some horribly lit hospital room by herself with Phoenix ready to pop at any moment.

Come next morning though, once I made it down there again, she was starting to feel the symptoms pretty well. And by that I mean she was fucking breaking down in pain, gasping for air and suffering with back pain and vicious contractions. Still, the nurses/midwives claimed she had much longer to go and consoled her with statements such as, “Oh, you think this is pretty bad? You haven’t felt anything yet!” So encouraging. As yet another nurse came to examine her with a rickety old fetal monitor from the better part of the 70s that could barely keep time, she announced that she had hours left to go before she would go into delivery and that the labour was only just commencing.

…She was barely out the door after that before D went all wide-eyed, staring down the spontaneous river of blood meandering between her legs, to which the nurse responded with, “Oh, she’s ready to deliver!” Naturally, I had my concerns about the accuracy of their assessments but you know… we’re about to have a baby!!!

I’ll skip the gory details at this point but what I really need to ask is: is it okay for a nurse/midwife to perform an episiotomy without consent from the labouring mother? I swear, had I not been there to practically tear the knife away from her vagina, they would’ve sliced her before D had any idea what was going on. These idiots wouldn’t even give me gloves or mask or anything even when I requested them outright.

Anyway, after bitching back and forth with the nurses whilst D’s squealing in agony, I told them to shut the hell up and let her get to work. They didn’t think she could do it; kept telling her she was doing it all wrong, that she wasn’t even trying. And then, about 10min into the delivery… she pops him right out, umbilical cord and all! We watched him flop onto that hospital bed in all his bloody glory. 8lbs 7.5oz strong, 54cm long at 12:59pm on the 15th of May, 2008 with an Apgar score of 10. Healthy as can be.

He started breastfeeding immediately. Had some minor issues getting cholostrom at first and he suffered with a little jaundice from lack of sunlight but once we brought him home (after D spent a lovely three days extra in the hospital), he was feeling just fine. Now he can’t get enough of Mama D’s milk (and I mean he really, really can’t) and he’s keeping us busy constantly. And we love him. We love him to bits.

So, you can imagine where I’ve been for the past few weeks, although a few other items have been eating up my “free time”. Anyway, fuck… we have a baby. Our own flesh and blood. Oh… wow. Congratulations to us.

Happy Birthday, Phoenix.


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Oh, Mama! Pt. 3

Danielle 09Danielle 10
Danielle 11Danielle 12

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Oh, Mama! Pt. 2

Danielle 05Danielle 06
Danielle 07Danielle 08

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Oh, Mama! Pt. 1

Oh, Mama!
Danielle 01Danielle 02
Danielle 03Danielle 04
There she is. My beautiful D. And inside, preparing for a big, bold adventure into the real world is our beloved Phoenix. We just decided to conduct a little photo shoot of our blossoming family in the guest bedroom one day and here are the results. WordPress is being mean, so I’ll have to do this in three parts.

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The Weekend Starts Here

So there’s not much in the way of news per se but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been up to anything. I’ve even had to blow off a few friends just because I’m so incredibly busy with everything else.

We just recently purchased a hefty serving of baby clothing, toys and accessories from Speesees and I can’t wait for them to get here. Cost about a third of my paycheque but it’s definitely worth it. We’ve also put together a baby registry at a local childrens store and we’re even working on putting together a small baby shower to celebrate Phoenix’ arrival, complete with Veganese cooking, recycled fanfare and environmentalism video entertainment. Oh yeah, we’re taking full advantage of this affair.

This parental stuff is all well and good but I’m seriously missing out on going out and having some real fun, clubber’s style. We tried a month or so ago but it’s just way too late in the game to socialise like we used to. No drinks, no drugs, no wild sex parties… not yet. Yeah, needless to say, we have other priorities. (I’m starting to realise how much I’m beginning to sound like a mother.) We’re devising some sort of plan to give us a little flexibility though. Breastpumps, babysitters and hopefully, the start of another (successful) polyamourous relationship with a certain special someone. We’ll be all over Phoenix when he first gets here, sure but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little wild every once in a while.

I’ve been struggling to upload some videos of D and I from Phoenix for forever now but damn, my connection is crappier than I thought. Google isn’t cooperating very well so hopefully I can find some other viable option. I desperately need to take some new pictures anyway. My blonde hair is just about completely gone now anyway (and I so miss it).

Tomorrow begins our much needed long weekend though, kicking off with Good Friday. It’s really a shame we can’t comfortably cooperate in celebrating with other Christians but it’s not like we’re that devout either. There’s just too much conspiracy surrounding the good book for me to take anything ti says with much more than a grain of salt these days. We’ll probably just take some time to laze around, cuddle up and watch a few good flicks. Maybe hit the beach or play tourist for a while. Happy Easter, kittens!

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Green Showers

Green Baby Showers
Presented by
Behind the Scenes at Sheryl Crow’s Green Baby Shower
Presented by Wee Generation

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It’s About Time

Super Mario Galaxy

There is so much I’ve been itching to post! And so much that I just plain forgot to. Lunch with Harmony, heading out to Calico Jack’s with Nikko, the latest album from Adele, more eco-friendly baby products, parenting classes, Fierce Angel downloads, my recent sleepsexing habits and Super Mario Galaxy! But, to tell you the truth, I’ve just been too caught up with other things these past few weeks or so (and collecting power stars on top of it all–whoo, boy!).

We’ve found so many baby things to shop for and they’re all looking great. The latest and one of the most exciting discovery’s is this Eco Cradle from Green Lullaby I spotted on Our list just keeps getting bigger and bigger but I think, little by little, we’re narrowing it down to the bare essentials. Sure, we’d love to go overboard but we’re not exactly the luxe consumer types. Baby steps, after all. And there is that small matter of our current account balance that might be worth taking note of. I think we’ve fallen in love with The Body Shop. So much so that we’ve purchased well over $100 in goods within the past two weeks alone. You might see us strolling down the sidewalks with our organic tote bags (in lieu of the traditional plastic alternative, of course), sporting all-natural mineral makeup , fragrances and lotions and even bathing with hemp soap. I’m starting to scare even myself but there’s no denying that I’m loving it. Now it’s Phoenix’ turn to go green!

In other news, I recently bumped into an old friend of mine whilst perusing for vegan goods with D last week. Exchanged hugs, hellos and numbers, including one from another old friend/co-worker/mentor from years bygone. Last I heard from her was around 2005 and I did miss her so. I called her up that same day and she immediately picked up on the effects of my transitioning, without me fessing up a single word. Soonafter we got into the discussion that typically follows, she informed me of another transgender on island who she so happens to be acquainted with and even suggested we do lunch sometime. Excitement! Looks like there’s life on Mars after all.

More later…

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