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Born Naked. Die Naked.

Don’t ask.

Anyway, so it’s been like a month or so since I even bothered with this thing. Honestly, as little as there is to do in my life these days, I’ve just been too busy. Dani and I are hard at work with this whole Minx thing in Second Life (oh, in case you missed my previous imaginary entries, we’re opening a modern burlesque cabaret themed nightclub in Second Life called “Minx Nitery & Bar”) and working our asses off (or sitting our asses off, as the case may be) on making enough Linden to put it all together. If I had webspace still, or the money to buy some, I’d show you a few fancy images as well as the nifty little logo we crafted for it. But that’s hardly news. The virtual realm is of no importance after all, right?

Okay, fine. Here’s the real news. I’m residing illegally in this, Danielle’s mother country and I’ve just about given up on ever obtaining this fabled “legal residency”. At least for a good while. As the situation stands and as far as we know as we’ve been told as of this date and as of our current understanding and stance on the subject, we are no longer entitled to “Cash Assistance” as Danielle is unable to work in her current status i.e. pregnant; we ain’t getting no food stamps from “Tha Man” this month and we ain’t gonna say nothin’ ’bout it neitha’; I’m no longer able to apply for legal permanent residency at all since, apparently, I’ve overstayed my welcome, although, clearly, I’m married to a US citizen. But, alas, no legal documents to justify my existence in this country means no social security means no work permit means no job, no money, no food, no insurance and surely no way to file for — you guessed it — legal permanent residency. Makes sense. To them.

So, I really should mention something else that’s vastly more important but I’ve decided to devote a separate entry to that once I’m ready and capable of doing so. I will miss her, dearly. I’d like to show her that as best I can. Even if only through the artful renderings of HTML. Until then, Cayman, here I come. Again.

Oh and Dani’s coming with.


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Misadventures Of A Vagrant T-Girl

There's plenty fun to be had. From the Cayman Islands, to London, to Phoenix and back again, Silky's been there, done that. But life's for the living and I ain't dead yet. Making vegans look cool, trannies sound sexy and delivering shit hot Electro is my deal. Loving my beautiful wife, nurturing my baby boy Phoenix and making my small mark on this jaded world of post-consumerism is my mantra. Friends, welcome. Guests, indulge. There's plenty fun to be had.


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