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Stressed To Kill

So I’ve been having just about the craziest month of my entire life.

It’s times like these when the phrase “misadventures of a vagrant t-girl” seems the most fitting. I don’t have the time nor the energy to go into any extravagant details but I can say that come the end of this fucked up month, maybe, hopefully, there will be a little more stability in our hectic little world. Of course, that won’t last long before Phoenix arrives. And, boy, is he ever anxious.

I’ve spent the majority of the past 30 days trying not to shoot myself in the head. I mean everything is completely out of whack. I’ve had the cops called on me twice. Our baby shower got totally shot down. The ‘rents went psycho on us. We’ve been wandering from place to place, from the streets to bunking at my cousin’s to crashing on a friend’s couch for a while. We’ve finally got our own little spot and now people wanna kick us out of there too. We’ve scraped every last cent out of every crevice and corner and now the bank’s nabbed hundreds more from us, just when we thought we were in the clear. I never know how I’ll make it to work the next day but somehow I do.

And then… fate deals us a lucky hand.

Thanks in part to good friends, a few family members, a consoling counsellor, a fucking awesome vegan, holistic and generous boss and dumb luck, we’ve managed to pull through. Mom & Dad have pulled a complete 180 and have decided to get us just about everything we needed for Phoenix and help us find a wicked new apartment, right on the beach, close to work and everything else we love. It’s not the snazziest but hey, check it out:

So, we’re finally out on our own (thank god) and surviving somehow. And once the end of the month comes around and we get our sorry asses out of the cosy little area we now call home and into something bigger and better, maybe, just maybe, we can get back to enjoying the real world as it should be enjoyed. Or some shit like that.

Fuck, I’m exhausted.


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Misadventures Of A Vagrant T-Girl

There's plenty fun to be had. From the Cayman Islands, to London, to Phoenix and back again, Silky's been there, done that. But life's for the living and I ain't dead yet. Making vegans look cool, trannies sound sexy and delivering shit hot Electro is my deal. Loving my beautiful wife, nurturing my baby boy Phoenix and making my small mark on this jaded world of post-consumerism is my mantra. Friends, welcome. Guests, indulge. There's plenty fun to be had.


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