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(This is one of the very few mornings I’ve woken up to a sleeping baby, so I thought I should take advantage of a rare opportunity while I still could.)

Hmmm… okay, no excuses today. I’ve been lazy. Busy, sure. But lazy. I don’t know what it is but I haven’t had much of an urge to stay committed to my wee, little blog lately. I used to be all over this thing. Maybe I was on some kind of mission to make myself heard. I dunno. Anyway, I wanna get back in it, I’ve just had other goings on eating up my precious little time.

Phoenix (the crazy baby from outer space) is looking absolutely, 100% per cent, completely and utterly adorable. He may drive us up the wall every single calendar day but he rocks our socks like no other. He’s got some kind of air about him that just sort of resonates something special (or maybe that’s just me being one damn proud mama). We’ve already taken him to the movies twice, by the pools around Treasure Island a few times, down to Boatswain’s Beach, over to my Aunt Barbara’s and envjoyed a sleepover at his grandparents. Been thinking about giving him his own little blog too, starting tomorrow, maybe, which marks his second month birthday anniversary (although he’s technically been eight weeks old since Thursday).

On the subject of blogs et cetera, I’ve also been secretly working on another Silky blog on the sly. One to accompany my Silky namesake on Second Life alone, chock full of way more electro (and nothing but electro) and all about the music and the scene online. Since I haven’t been able to spin for so long now, I’ve been training with Ableton Live in the hopes of getting back in the game with a much bigger, stronger arsenal of mad skills, if ya know what I mean. Ableton Live is simply amazing and there’s no arguing that but my shoddy excuse for a PC just isn’t cutting it anymore. (It’s survived numerous trials, so I can’t really knock Hypersonic for their uber-developed and souped-up Clevos.) So, I might be migrating my DJ business to the Mac for now.

In other news, I’m currently developing a small website for a client outside of Century 21 so if anyone asks, you heard nothing. Just a little something for Tortuga Rum Cake Co., nothing major but we could always do with a few extra funds.

I’ve been missing my friends. I guess D and I both have. Aside from frequent visits from my parents, we’re virtually alone on this island now. Just the three of us. And I’d like to say more about other persons that have recently entered our lives but it seems as though they may be slowly slipping out already. Oh, well. On with the show…


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Just Another Day In Paradise

I haven’t said much about life in general lately and I’m starting to worry that people out there, whoever you are, might start to think that I’m some kind of bad mother for not mentioning my little bundle o’ joy more often. Well, if only to save myself from public shame, I have to tell you that D and I have been incredibly busy with Phoenix since his arrival, naturally. Which is mostly why I’ve neglected my innocent little blog so much as of late. We barely have time for much else but, to whomever it may concern, I’ll give you a small glimpse into what goes on behind this web-based facade of my silly, misguided existence.

Phoenix had his first doctor’s visit yesterday. At just six weeks old, he was subjected to two injections from a duo of syringes longer than his forearm, administered by some over-the-hill gorilla lady with ashy knuckles and a moustache, with hardly an ounce of tenderness. But, alas, he survived and emerged victorious, now immunised against Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis. We also discovered that he ineed has some mild eczema, so we’ll pick something up for his skin soon enough, although the amazing, natural line of Weleda products we’ve been using has done wonders already. He still gets the odd patch of dry skin here and there and seems to be particulary prone to heat rash but in this hot and humid Caribbean weather, it’s no surprise.

Pookums stands tall and proud at 12lb 5oz now and he’s 100 per cent clinically insane. He enjoys most of his days (and nites) milking Mama D dry and when he’s not satisfying his hunger pains, he’s pooping, peeing, burping, puking, bauling his head off, knocking off a few rounds with D’s tits, dancing to Rollergirl, staring at the bed head, smiling, squeaking, squirming, attempting to crawl, struggling to make sense of my crazy curls, immersed in the TV and/or computer screen, brushing up on his boxing, pulling off an uncannily convincing Popeye impression, shoving his feet into my diaphragm, dozing off or demanding more boob juice. Oh and, every once in a while, he’ll sleep. He also makes a habit of throwing his own parties at the witching hour every nite, at which we are always present (D provides the beverages). Breakfast begins at approximately 5am, 6am and 7am every morning, collectively and then it’s time for his daily exercise routine, which consists of push-ups (or pull-ups, as the case may be), sit-ups and various stretches.

So, yes, he’s doing just fine.

Lately, we’ve been playing the typical famiy role, performing the daily grind, so to speak, until there’s enough money saved up in my pension for us to extract and head back to Arizona, finally. We wake up not so bright and early every morning, tend to the master, enjoy a bowl of diced organic bananas and/or apples with pomegranate, acai or blueberry granola and soy yoghurt, feed the scraps to the neighbourly iguana on our balcony, check out the latest Wii updates, dabble on Second Life a little, Pookums permitting and maybe indulge in a little television or music. I’ve been working mostly from home, as I barely do anything at the office anymore besides sit around, eroding in the dark and I can perform just fine on the Mac right here at home and still spend my free time helping out Mama D with the little monster.

Occasionally, we’ll trek down to the beach, Phoenix in stroller, though he doesn’t seem to care of the saltwater very much so sometimes we’ll simply venture downstairs to the nearby swimming pools visible from our balcony and wade in the smaller tub for a while. He seems to have taken quite a liking to water, provided the temperature is just right. So much so that we can now comfortably bathe with him in the bathroom and scrub him down in unison, even feeding him right there and then should he feel the urge to suckle. We always take him shopping with us and tomorrow we’ll even make an attempt to make a trip to the cinema with the grandparents to watch Wall-E, if it’s even playing here yet.

And that’s about our life as it stands right now. We’ve been a little more preoccupied with Second Life since he’s entered our lives and we’re ever so slowly getting back into the groove and I’m hoping to start spinning again soon, should I find some way to do so using Ableton Live (I’ve grown tired of SAM). In the meantime, I’m not sure what to do with this little corner of cyberspace. I’m not even sure if I’m making the least bit of difference with all my posts on environmentalism, veganism, transgenderism and the sort although I’ll still continue forward on my quest to convince the mass populace to wake the fuck up.

But baby gets what baby wants.

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Silky Live At The Parkade

Silky Banner 01

Ignition @ Parkade with Silky
If you’re a Second Life goer with a love for hot, heavy, sweaty electro, swing by The Parkade, Monday nights from 7-9 SLT for Ignition: a double hour-long juicy set of electro, electroclash, electrohouse and more, served up by Silky (Summer Escape) herself. After an exhausting hiatus, Silky is back on the decks and revving up the latest from the underground to the mainstream and delivering a hard-hitting mix of trashy ballistics like never before. It’s a wild ride, so strap in and work it out.

Special thanks to Amanda Shinji for all her assistance and sticking with the silk through such trials and tribulations.

Also, be sure to check out Bootie SL, Second Life’s monthly mashup bootleg party, held second Saturdays at The Parkade – spinning only the finest bootlegs and bastard pop.

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Happy Anniversary To Us

Don’t ask me how but we did it. We’ve survived an entire year together. And we couldn’t be happier.

Today marks the anniversary of Danielle and I. Roughly. We can’t exactly pin point the day we actually decided to function as one singular item (first we hooked up in Second Life, then we started a real world, long-distance relationship, then she finally flew down to Phoenix to live with me and eventually got married months later), we can say that it was generally around this time. And that’s good enough for us. Makes it easier next year when we can afford to buy each other anniversary gifts. Though we’re still broke (but not for long), we plan to seize today all to ourselves. It’s been a crazy week anyway and we both need a break. Mom caught a vicious cold, brought it home and decided to share it with all of us so we’re not exactly the most energetic either. But I’m sure a nice, quiet, lazy day involving nothing but lots of cuddles and sweet nothings in each others’ ears will be just the thing we need.

I’ve had some crazy times in the past with my previous lovers but nothing like what I’ve experienced with Danielle. No, this is the good kinda crazy. The kind of crazy that takes on you adventures all around the world. The kind of crazy that pits you at your highest highs and drags you through your toughest lows. The kind of crazy that involves sex, drugs, raves, evictions, stolen goods, polyamoury, more sex, police, car crashes, farm animals, babies, planes, trains, hotels, unemployment, loud music, even more sex and, above all, the greatest love I could ever imagine. It’s been a wild ride alright. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure, we made more than our fair share of mistakes but we’ve overcome our tragedies and pulled through together. And, so far, I think this year is turning out to be a true testament to that.

Never have I connected with anyone the way I do with my Li’l Squirt. The way we know exactly what the other is thinking at some point every single day. The way our likes and dislikes mirror each other with uncanny precision. I didn’t think it was possible but she literally is like my other half. In some ways we’re complete opposites but in most ways, we’re like long lost sisters. And she’s been the single most prominent figure to see me through my transition. No one else even comes close. Most of my friends seem to have abandoned me because of it but she embraces it and makes me feel sane. She’s given me more support and tutoring than any counsellor ever could and I’m eternally grateful for her. I just can’t imagine my life without her from this point on.

So, I can only hope that today turns out just the way we want. Our life together is full of spontaneity but, whatever happens, I’ll be looking forward to more of that same ol’ crazy love. Here’s to us, D. I love you and always will. Let The World Be Our Playground!

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Putting On The Ritz

So I’ve just started putting together a little something called the Guide To The Silky Way, for lack of a better name (I get lazy with being creative when it’s this late) that consists of various websites I frequent to download music. Some of you might know, some of you might not but, whenever I’m actively involved in Second Life, I go about business by the name of Summer Escape and I just so happen to be an online DJ and freelance photographer/graphic designer. When I’m on the decks though, so to speak, I still go by Silky. And often, people make requests to hear a certain song that I might not have in my possession. It’s at times like these when this particular guide comes in handy. P2P is simply too slow to accommodate me so I make do with search engines and directories and the like. Nowadays, though, I use it mostly to download music for my own enjoyment. And damn, I have fun with it.

In other news… Mom got mad at me today and started flying off the handle for no apparent reason, chewing my head off about me being disrespectful and unappreciative and how she hopes my child doesn’t treat me the way I treat her. 5 minutes later, she was fine. I guess it’s just one of those mother things but I’ve been more worried about her lately than I ever have before. The other day, she vanished off the face of the Earth until the next morning when she mysteriously made it back home, got her coffee and suit and went to work as if nothing had happened. After struggling to reach her for hours, she finally gave me a call and told me she wasn’t feeling so well (to put it very mildly) and insisted I say nothing to anybody.

And I’m the one in counselling.

Aside from that, it was a pretty swell day. D and I made the rounds that morning dropping off one of my portfolios to a potential employer and walking through town under a warm, Caribbean sun (or sweltering heat, depending on which one of us you ask). We picked up some lunch from Kirk Supermarket and took a bus down to the Ritz-Carlton, where I planned to submit another résumé but I decided we’d enjoy some of the fancy shmancy amenities first. So we lounged on a coupled of shaded beach chairs and enjoyed our sandwiches and snacks, went for a little swim and relaxed in the glistening saltwater for a few hours before heading in. Their bathrooms are probably some of the nicest I’d ever seen. (We stole the towels.) Danielle certainly enjoyed them.

We made a friend on the bus on the way back whom I have yet to call, damnit. I’ve gotten so accustomed to laying low since we arrived that I keep forgetting to get in touch with people. I guess I’m just having too much fun being caught up with D. She makes my world shine, I swear. Well, nothing else to report, I suppose. Maybe I’ll talk about the other Virtual Console games we downloaded or the movie The Fountain we just watched later.

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The End Of The World

As December draws to a close, I can’t help but look back on all that I’ve experienced this crazy year. Funny how they seem to get crazier as time goes on. I thought last year would be pretty tough to beat but oh, after these former twelve months? It’s beaten. To a pulp. In retrospect though, as hard as times have been, I’d have to say that it was easily the best of my life. Thanks most in part to my beloved Danielle. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our pitfalls. (We’re not doing so hot right now either.) But no matter what happens beyond today, I know I won’t regret any of it. Thank you, D, for giving me the best times of my life. I love you.

My successes this year include: embracing my transgenderism and effectively completing and continuing my RLE; leaving college; getting married; avoiding numerous police arrests; making a baby; convincing my parents to send me to counselling; landing a job in my ideal career field only to discover that it’s clearly no longer my career field and quitting before probation was up; experiencing my first polyamouros relationship; experiencing my first foursome; travelling across the United States of America on a Greyhound bus for three and a half days; becoming Vegan; dealing with the loss of both my grandmothers; cuddling with my best friend; launching an online business in Second Life; surviving a car accident; seeing snow; making another song; eviction; living illegally in a foreign country; joining PETA; meeting Danielle for the first time; getting stranded in the middle of the night in downtown Phoenix; discovering Electroclash; discovering Nu Jazz; discovering pierogies; visiting real farms; sex with a hermaphrodite; throwing hookah parties; getting a perfect score in Yoshi’s Island all over again; speaking to the dead, experiencing a cuddle puddle in front of a bonfire in the middle of the desert; enjoying a free pizza, compliments of a friendly taxi driver, etc..

Not too bad for a year’s work, I suppose. The latter part of it was fairly tame (and much more arduous) compared to the beginning but I’m not complaining. Too much.

I won’t lie. Nowadays, things are more difficult than they’ve ever been. Between Danielle and I, we hardly have any money to our names. No place of our own and nowhere to go from here but back to my hometown. And it’s not going to get any easier yet. I’m more than ready to start the next chapter but I’m scared. I really am. I don’t know how I’m going to live a happy life down there but at least I won’t be alone. Looking forward to seeing the family again. The beaches. My friends. And, most of all, Kristina. Excited to show Danielle around (if she ever decides to get this passport before it’s too late) and land another job but other than that… well, I don’t know. Que sera sera. Here’s to another crazy year.

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How We Click

Minx // Group Insignia

The Minx Nitery & Bar:
Modern Burlesque Cabaret Extraordinaire!

Well, there you have it! Silly me. I neglected to take advantage of WordPress’ lovely ability to upload and store images. Photobucket, pishaw. Anyway, needless to say, that’s our little logo. Fancy, huh? Of course, you get it, right? I mean, minx… you know, like the cat? Right?

Yeah, so I’ve apparently whipped up something close to 500 “textures” for our establishment already. (Textures being any image Second Life uses to paint an object with. Duh.) And so far, it’s coming along nicely. I can’t wait.

God, I need to get out.

In other news, I’m working on a little something for Jeannine and hoping to finish up something special for another good friend of mine. Speaking of friends, I miss them. Danielle and I never get to talk to our friends anymore. Actually, that’s bullshit. We get to but we never get around to and, honestly, that’s pretty horrible. But it’s not what it sounds like. Honestly, for months we were so caught up in all the hoopla that was going on with us. I mean, our marriage, our romantic relationships, getting our own place, Danielle’s job (before she lost it), sorting out my immigration woes, getting public assistance, our pregnancy, moving all of our personal belongings around, getting Dani to CareerLink, working our asses off on Second Life and putting Minx together, etc. the list goes on and on. Not to mention the fact that for a considerable amount of time we were unable to even get online. And SunRocket went out of business so I couldn’t call anyone anymore over VoIP.

So, all in all, we’ve just kind of lost touch and it’s really sad. I guess, in a way, it’s true what people say. Everybody changes and drifts apart over time. Everyone just gets so caught up in their own lives, nobody has time to bother with others’ lives anymore. I can’t believe I’ve essentially become one of those people through no fault of my own. Even when we could get online, I tried my best to stay in touch with all my friends and even then, everybody else just seemed too preoccupied with themselves.

Damn, we’ve all grown up, haven’t we?

Interesting that, in this day and age, with the advent of mobile phones, instant messaging and social networking websites, people seem to be even less in touch with other. But I can still remember those days when I would stay up online all night until 2 or 3 o’ clock, chatting away online to some of the most interesting and lovable people I’ve ever known and dealing with the constant lack of sleep at work or school the following morning. I remember spending hundreds of dollars, month after month, on incessant phone calls that lasted for hours to those very same people, thousands of miles away. I remember the friendships, the drama, the intimacy, the romance. And, frankly, I miss it.

So, dear friends, wherever you are… this is to you. I miss you and I love you all. And, despite the fact that we’ve all grown up and forgotten about each other, I’ll never forget you. Hell, there’s a certain select few I think about every single day. And one in particular I have the pleasure of waking up to every morning.

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