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Stormy Night

Arashi No Yoru Ni

Danielle’s over here making me laugh so I can’t do this movie justice, really. Not at the moment but I’m going to try anyway because I’m a real trooper.

I wanted to watch this movie for years, ever since I read some little article of the synopsis (or whatever it was) in Newtype USA and I thought it sounded adorable. And by god, I was right. This is a vegan anime classic if there ever was one. Sure, there’s a lot of non-meat-eating involved and a cute little goat by the name of Mei’s life is spared thanks to a spontaneous and unlikely friendship with a cowardly wolf named Gabu that blossomed in the midst of a dark and stormy night (hence the English title: Stormy Night) but it’s truly a heartfelt and loving film that teaches many a valuable moral. Show it to your kids! Did I mention how cute Mei is? And his wiggly goat butt?

Anyway. Watch it. Even if you’re not into Japanese films or animated films, give it a chance, will you? That’s all these two ever wanted anyway.

Arashi No Yoru Ni

Saturday, 9 February, 2008 at 3:10 am Leave a comment

Misadventures Of A Vagrant T-Girl

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