Fade Away, My Perfect Facade

’tis four o’clock and all is fine.
the day, the girl, the world: all mine.
ne’er a tear, ne’er a fear,
all hearts set perfectly in line.

thine eyes, they glisten serene and still,
for wondrous dreams thou shall fulfil.
in every breath, in every step,
again, the words pronounce, “i will.”

a pair of smiles as lips recede,
then fingers fold and slowly lead
the hand to heart; a perfect start
to appease thy lover’s every need.

’tis four o’clock and quarter past,
begins a life anew to last.
none pretending never-ending
comes bottled in an hourglass.

though beauty fades and time doth fly,
the cache of hope averts the eye
from uncertainty to eternity.
sun setting in a crimson sky.

clouds wisp and glide o’er turquoise seas,
the entire world bows at its knees
to our descent, with full intent
to grace, seduce, satisfy and tease.

’tis four o’ clock and half past now,
lover then pauses to ask me how,
if together, if forever,
time promises an eternal vow.

to this, i say, “never you mind,”
never could i be so unkind.
the truth, i fear, lover so dear,
my heart has long left far behind.

pictures painted in memory,
of times gone by and hearts set free,
let us pretend they never end —
what lives on in you and me.

fade away, my perfect facade,
leave my lover be with god.
‘lest we dream, so it may seem,
love bids farewell with a gentle nod.


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