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Our Sex

So, last nite, D and I were recalling many of our varied sexual deviations and explorations and, almost unanimously, came to the realisation that we were quite the kinky duo. Between the two of us, we’ve had straight sex, gay sex, tranny sex, hermaphrodite sex, anal sex, oral sex, threesomes, foursomes, underage sex, over-the-hill sex, incestuous sex, interracial sex, phone sex, cybersex, food sex, role-playing sex, mutual masturbation sex, double-penetration sex, drunken sex, high sex, soft sex, hard sex, quick sex, fast sex, cheating sex, bloody sex, lactating sex, knocked-up sex, private sex, public sex, bondage sex, urinating sex, sex on the beach, sex on a bus, sex in a car, supernatural sex, etc.

The list goes on and on. But we both know there’s far more left for us to experiment with. We’re just struggling to find something brand spankin’ new that’s realistically worth our while (bestiality being our one major exception). It’s time to take things up a notch. Perhaps a little necrophilia is in order? Hmmm…


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GenderVision: Being Transgender… Myths & Youth Issues

For best viewing experience, download program (64MB) [embed]

Gordene O. MacKenzie, PhD carefully reviews the difference between sex and gender, as well as some of the basics of gender identity and expression. Then Nancy Nangeroni and Gordene interview Grace Sterling Stowell, director of BAGLY, the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth. They discuss the services provided by BAGLY, as well as some of the issues that trans youth face. Then Nancy, Grace and Gordene expose some of the most popular myths about transgender people.

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Bad Questions To Ask A Transsexual: The Director’s Cut

by Calpernia Addams

After years of teeth-grindingly ignorant and insulting questions, Calpernia Addams finally snaps and shares her list of Bad Questions which you should never ask a transsexual. These are all real questions from real life!

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Trekking Through Tempe

16th April, 2007

This is one of our last videos from Phoenix, taken nearly a year ago now. Wow, I miss those blonde curls so much, Caribbean weather just ain’t havin’ it. Anyway, so D and I were casually strolling down the sidewalk just outside our apartment on the way to  dinner at a newly opened vegan restaurant, Green. We made it there… after spending about four hours trying to find the place and bus-hopping all over downtown Scottsdale. D’s shoes decided to fall apart on the way and me, being the enormous sweetheart that I am, had the bright idea of swapping her stompers with mine.

This whole scene was fairly early into my transition too so my voice is a little untamed. Well, enjoy it all the same.

Friday, 21 March, 2008 at 3:06 am 1 comment

It’s About Time

Super Mario Galaxy

There is so much I’ve been itching to post! And so much that I just plain forgot to. Lunch with Harmony, heading out to Calico Jack’s with Nikko, the latest album from Adele, more eco-friendly baby products, parenting classes, Fierce Angel downloads, my recent sleepsexing habits and Super Mario Galaxy! But, to tell you the truth, I’ve just been too caught up with other things these past few weeks or so (and collecting power stars on top of it all–whoo, boy!).

We’ve found so many baby things to shop for and they’re all looking great. The latest and one of the most exciting discovery’s is this Eco Cradle from Green Lullaby I spotted on Our list just keeps getting bigger and bigger but I think, little by little, we’re narrowing it down to the bare essentials. Sure, we’d love to go overboard but we’re not exactly the luxe consumer types. Baby steps, after all. And there is that small matter of our current account balance that might be worth taking note of. I think we’ve fallen in love with The Body Shop. So much so that we’ve purchased well over $100 in goods within the past two weeks alone. You might see us strolling down the sidewalks with our organic tote bags (in lieu of the traditional plastic alternative, of course), sporting all-natural mineral makeup , fragrances and lotions and even bathing with hemp soap. I’m starting to scare even myself but there’s no denying that I’m loving it. Now it’s Phoenix’ turn to go green!

In other news, I recently bumped into an old friend of mine whilst perusing for vegan goods with D last week. Exchanged hugs, hellos and numbers, including one from another old friend/co-worker/mentor from years bygone. Last I heard from her was around 2005 and I did miss her so. I called her up that same day and she immediately picked up on the effects of my transitioning, without me fessing up a single word. Soonafter we got into the discussion that typically follows, she informed me of another transgender on island who she so happens to be acquainted with and even suggested we do lunch sometime. Excitement! Looks like there’s life on Mars after all.

More later…

Thursday, 6 March, 2008 at 7:41 am 1 comment

Back In Mac

It’s been a long time coming but hey, let’s get personal.

So… I’m at work. Sitting in the office once again with absolutely nothing to do but just that. I’m stuck here without a supervisor, a shallow and sleazy British co-worker who doesn’t say a word to me, a dinosaur of a PC and oh, look… my new MacBook Pro has just arrived over the weekend. With nothing better to do, I decided to unravel its chic, glossy packaging to reveal the wonder that now lays on my office carpeting, humming quietly like a spring breeze under the surrounding fluorescent haze. Three weeks into my new job, it’s finally here and still, I can’t do jack with the poor thing. Look at its shiny eagerness. Suffice it to say, I’m not one of those stereotypical designers who goes gaga over Apple products but there’s an appreciation there, sure. I’ve always said they’re designed for simpletons (and I still stand by that statement) but people usually minconstrue that connotation. It gets the job done, hassle-free but they’re still hardly my first choice. Oddly enough, this time, it was.

After hand-picking the hardware, software and other doodads to accompany me in my own, confined area of office space, it’s slowly coming to my attention that, maybe, this job isn’t so bad after all. The pay’s a little lacking but we can get by, I suppose. Though, considering all of the baby products D and I have been scouring the web for lately, the figures do seem a little grim. And you should see this list, by the way. We’re nowhere near complete but it’s already pretty grandiose. We’ve found flushable, biodegradable diapers, couture, organic baby decor and all sorts of vegan-friendly options for our babe and we’re loving it. Thinking about posting said shopping list soon but that won’t be for a while.

We want the best for our little man, naturally — and yes, I really do mean “naturally” in every sense of the word — but (naturally) it comes at a cost. At this point in time, we might put the small dream of our own place on the back burner for another month or so just so we can save up to prepare for our forthcoming guest. I guess we can deal with a few more days of lecturing, tension and drawn out periods of awkward silence in order to accrue some much needed monies for him. I’m just becoming a little ill from swallowing my pride so often.

Speaking of which, I’m considering starting a new HRT regimen with the aid of selected items from The Phoenix Project. Those of you fellow TGs out there who may have had a little experience with them, please offer your guidance and wisdom if you’re so obliged. From all the homework I’ve done though, it seems like a good decision. And of course, they’re all natural so you know that’s music to my ears. No prescriptions necessary, way less expensive and good for you taboot! Come next paycheque, there’ll be some serious changes around here…

Speaking of paycheques, we’re broke again. My first one in months and we’ve just about spent every cent, save for a few bucks in my pocket and some loose change. Oddly enough, we didn’t waste it all partying our asses off this time either. In fact, most of it went to food and necessary organic and/or natural care products, all not tested on animals (which reminds me, I need to post something about that). Oh and damn, please watch Earthlings, everyone. It’s seriously something every single person on this planet needs to witness. We finally managed to catch An Inconvenient Truth last nite too and honestly, the emotional impact is on an even greater level. This planet’s in peril. People just need to give up the meat.

I’ve noticed that my blog is getting far more traffic lately so I’m hoping someone’s listening to me. I’m aware it’s mostly due to my recent posts of the Sweeney Todd soundtrack and Ministry of Sound compilation but if you happen to read this, walk away with something a little more meaningful if you can. I’m so close to going over the edge and mighty morphing into one of those raving activists running circles stark naked around big buildings. If not for your health, do it for mine. But don’t worry, I’ll continue to post more free music, tranny talk and whatever vegan goodness I happen to stumble upon. Spread the happiness!

Monday, 25 February, 2008 at 3:11 pm 2 comments

She’s Your Husband?

I’ve been revising and refining this very same post in my head for months now. I was just never able to really get it out the way I wanted to. Besides, it’s a sore subject these days.

If it isn’t obvious by now, I’m a transexual. I still feel a little strange announcing that but it’s not like I’m uncomfortable with the fact; it’s the way people handle said announcement that makes me uncomfortable.

While I was living in the US, I lived as a woman as best I could. And, honestly, I had no problem with it. People treated me just as they would any other female, usually for the better. Occasionally, someone might take a closer look and discern that I had a few spare parts laying around but it never led to anything malicious. Sometimes, people flirted with me, whether they knew I was transgendered or not. And, sometimes, when I had little control over my appearance, people would ‘mistake’ me as just another one of the guys.

I dressed as any typical girl would, with a touch of my own personal style, naturally: Powerpuff Girl panties, padded bra, fitted jeans, tight graphic tees and an awesome hoodie, etc.. I would powder up with a little foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, do my hair a little or throw on one of my many assorted bandannas and venture out into the public eye. I spoke with a convincingly feminine voice and my mannerisms, as they always have been, portrayed me as just another American girl in the world. I would go shopping downtown, eat tofu and noodles at Chinese restaurants, visit the library, smoke hookah, purchase vast amounts of magazines, watch dozens of movies, listen to lots of music and gossip incessantly to Danielle about my friends, family and their lifestyles. I would mess around in bed with boys and girls and dance until my feet were on fire.

I was myself. And I felt more free than I ever have before.

Now, living back home in the Cayman Islands, all of that is gone. Save for the fitted jeans, firewalks and my girlish voice and mannerisms, I am, for all intents and purposes, a man. At least that’s what my body would have the world believe. Even now, without the makeup, people ‘mistake’ me for a girl. Even now, I still do all of the things I loved doing before (minus the raving and the hookah). Even now, I still feel feminine, as I always have, in spite of the pigeonhole I’ve been confined into. But does it even matter?

Once you’ve experienced even a small dose of the life you love and long for, having that stripped away from you in an instant will drive you mad. I finally discovered myself and was slowly learning to overcome all of the uncertainty I’d been struggling with for so long. I finally realised who I was and what was wrong with me all this time. But now, I’m back at ground zero. It’s had such an incredible effect on me, sometimes I wonder if what I once had was even real. My family is so intent on conforming me to this archetypal male lifestyle that I’ve almost succumbed to their mould. I feel more and more disgusted with myself every single day and constantly feel like I’ll never be the person I truly want to be, live the life I want to live, to the point that I almost feel undeserving to have it back.

I’m a freak. And I feel more trapped than I ever have before.

Is it just me or isn’t that just fucking ironic? I don’t know what else to say. I just needed to get that out of my system. My head hurts. See you later.

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