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Just Another Day In Paradise

I haven’t said much about life in general lately and I’m starting to worry that people out there, whoever you are, might start to think that I’m some kind of bad mother for not mentioning my little bundle o’ joy more often. Well, if only to save myself from public shame, I have to tell you that D and I have been incredibly busy with Phoenix since his arrival, naturally. Which is mostly why I’ve neglected my innocent little blog so much as of late. We barely have time for much else but, to whomever it may concern, I’ll give you a small glimpse into what goes on behind this web-based facade of my silly, misguided existence.

Phoenix had his first doctor’s visit yesterday. At just six weeks old, he was subjected to two injections from a duo of syringes longer than his forearm, administered by some over-the-hill gorilla lady with ashy knuckles and a moustache, with hardly an ounce of tenderness. But, alas, he survived and emerged victorious, now immunised against Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis. We also discovered that he ineed has some mild eczema, so we’ll pick something up for his skin soon enough, although the amazing, natural line of Weleda products we’ve been using has done wonders already. He still gets the odd patch of dry skin here and there and seems to be particulary prone to heat rash but in this hot and humid Caribbean weather, it’s no surprise.

Pookums stands tall and proud at 12lb 5oz now and he’s 100 per cent clinically insane. He enjoys most of his days (and nites) milking Mama D dry and when he’s not satisfying his hunger pains, he’s pooping, peeing, burping, puking, bauling his head off, knocking off a few rounds with D’s tits, dancing to Rollergirl, staring at the bed head, smiling, squeaking, squirming, attempting to crawl, struggling to make sense of my crazy curls, immersed in the TV and/or computer screen, brushing up on his boxing, pulling off an uncannily convincing Popeye impression, shoving his feet into my diaphragm, dozing off or demanding more boob juice. Oh and, every once in a while, he’ll sleep. He also makes a habit of throwing his own parties at the witching hour every nite, at which we are always present (D provides the beverages). Breakfast begins at approximately 5am, 6am and 7am every morning, collectively and then it’s time for his daily exercise routine, which consists of push-ups (or pull-ups, as the case may be), sit-ups and various stretches.

So, yes, he’s doing just fine.

Lately, we’ve been playing the typical famiy role, performing the daily grind, so to speak, until there’s enough money saved up in my pension for us to extract and head back to Arizona, finally. We wake up not so bright and early every morning, tend to the master, enjoy a bowl of diced organic bananas and/or apples with pomegranate, acai or blueberry granola and soy yoghurt, feed the scraps to the neighbourly iguana on our balcony, check out the latest Wii updates, dabble on Second Life a little, Pookums permitting and maybe indulge in a little television or music. I’ve been working mostly from home, as I barely do anything at the office anymore besides sit around, eroding in the dark and I can perform just fine on the Mac right here at home and still spend my free time helping out Mama D with the little monster.

Occasionally, we’ll trek down to the beach, Phoenix in stroller, though he doesn’t seem to care of the saltwater very much so sometimes we’ll simply venture downstairs to the nearby swimming pools visible from our balcony and wade in the smaller tub for a while. He seems to have taken quite a liking to water, provided the temperature is just right. So much so that we can now comfortably bathe with him in the bathroom and scrub him down in unison, even feeding him right there and then should he feel the urge to suckle. We always take him shopping with us and tomorrow we’ll even make an attempt to make a trip to the cinema with the grandparents to watch Wall-E, if it’s even playing here yet.

And that’s about our life as it stands right now. We’ve been a little more preoccupied with Second Life since he’s entered our lives and we’re ever so slowly getting back into the groove and I’m hoping to start spinning again soon, should I find some way to do so using Ableton Live (I’ve grown tired of SAM). In the meantime, I’m not sure what to do with this little corner of cyberspace. I’m not even sure if I’m making the least bit of difference with all my posts on environmentalism, veganism, transgenderism and the sort although I’ll still continue forward on my quest to convince the mass populace to wake the fuck up.

But baby gets what baby wants.


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Cold, Hard Truths

After venturing into the lifestyles of veganism, environmentalism and anti-consumerism, D and I seem to be travelling down an increasingly empowering path of enlightenment. The more we read, watch and discover for ourselves, the more educated we become and the better the choices we make on what to eat, wear, buy or how we live our lives in general. It’s true what they say; the truth will set you free. Thanks to books like Skinny Bitch, Body & Soul and The Secret, organisations like PETA and Adbusters and documentaries such as Earthlings , An Inconvenient Truth and Super Size Me, we now know so much more about our world and the industries that operate it than ever before.

All of this newfound wisdom sure sheds some much needed light on the misinformation that the general populace so ignorantly devours and genuinely takes as fact. Everybody knows the entire planet is totally fucked up because of our selfish bullshit but far too few of us are aware of why that is. So, rather than just accept the fact that we are inherently the absolute filth of the Earth and continue on down the road of self-destruction, perhaps it’s time we take an eye-opening glimpse into the actual reasons behind that and fucking do something about it for once:

Zeitgeist, The Movie
Enter, Zeitgeist. More along the lines of a two-hour long slap in the face than a documentary, this film has proven to be the biggest reality check of our lives. Released in June 2007, it’s made quite the impact already and I imagine its powerful ripple is still in effect. Granted, it’s mostly surrounding religious and political conspiracy in the US but these are topics that effect our entire species. Zeitgeist offers a grim reminder that there are some real shitty global forces at play and that, perhaps, you should be aware that their dirty tactics do involve you.

Learn something. Download or watch the video here:

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Say So

Uh Huh Her 01

by Uh Huh Her

You say that you’re broken
I just want to fix you
Tell me what to do, baby I will listen

Days that go unwritten
All the things you’re missin’
Tell me what to do, and maybe I can fix it

Hollar if you want to, come on just
Say what you want to, you’re always disappearing
Hollar if you want to, come on just
Say what you want to, you’re always disappearing

(Say so, you want to)
(Say so, you want to)
(Hollar, you want to)
(Happy as one)

Still I believe you
I just wanna save you
Tell me what to do, maybe I will listen

Run run if you want to
And you’ll find what you’re after
Tell me what to do, I’ll find all the answers

Hollar if you want to, come on just
Say what you want to, you’re always disappearing
Hollar if you want to, come on just
Say what you want to, you’re always disappearing

(Say so, you want to)
(Say so, you want to )
(Hollar, you want to)
(Happy as one)

Don’t’ know how long I’ve wasted my time
I only want to lie with you here
I never thought that you’d be so blind
Stay if you want and we’ll disappear

Uh Huh Her – Say So

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Sweeney Todd: The Motion Picture Soundtrack

Available For Download Now At:
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1. Opening Title
2. No Place Like London
3. The Worst Pies In London
4. Poor Thing
5. My Friends
6. Green Finch And Linnet Bird
7. Alms! Alms!
8. Johanna
9. Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir
10. The Contest
11. Wait
12. Ladies In Their Sensitivities
13. Pretty Women
14. Epiphany
15. A Little Priest
16. Johanna
17. God, That’s Good!
18. By The Sea
19. Not While I’m Around
20. Final Scene

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Sweeney Todd

The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

Heather, you’re crazy. Sweeney Todd was great. D and I hit the movies last nite for the much anticipated showing of Tim Burton’s latest (but not so greatest) film. Being one of our favourite directors, if not the favourite, we expected the usual iconic, dark and twisted nature that has truly become his cinematic signature (and spurred many a mimic) and, naturally, Burton delivers. True, most of that can be credited to the musical’s characters and storyline, which date back over a century now but you can’t argue that he hasn’t given them a substantial modern flair. The concept is still as gruesome and thrilling as it once was, with a gloomy, eerie and still enticing tone throughout the entire showcase, save for the fanciful scene of Ms. Lovett’s daydream in song. We did our fair share of cringing throughout the two-hour duration, coupled with an equal helping of hysterical laughter. Burton is still our man.

There’s a hole in the world like a big black pit and it’s filled with people that are full of shit and the vermin of the world inhabit it and it goes by the name of London.

Sweeney Todd Poster 01

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Stormy Night

Arashi No Yoru Ni

Danielle’s over here making me laugh so I can’t do this movie justice, really. Not at the moment but I’m going to try anyway because I’m a real trooper.

I wanted to watch this movie for years, ever since I read some little article of the synopsis (or whatever it was) in Newtype USA and I thought it sounded adorable. And by god, I was right. This is a vegan anime classic if there ever was one. Sure, there’s a lot of non-meat-eating involved and a cute little goat by the name of Mei’s life is spared thanks to a spontaneous and unlikely friendship with a cowardly wolf named Gabu that blossomed in the midst of a dark and stormy night (hence the English title: Stormy Night) but it’s truly a heartfelt and loving film that teaches many a valuable moral. Show it to your kids! Did I mention how cute Mei is? And his wiggly goat butt?

Anyway. Watch it. Even if you’re not into Japanese films or animated films, give it a chance, will you? That’s all these two ever wanted anyway.

Arashi No Yoru Ni

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Misadventures Of A Vagrant T-Girl

There's plenty fun to be had. From the Cayman Islands, to London, to Phoenix and back again, Silky's been there, done that. But life's for the living and I ain't dead yet. Making vegans look cool, trannies sound sexy and delivering shit hot Electro is my deal. Loving my beautiful wife, nurturing my baby boy Phoenix and making my small mark on this jaded world of post-consumerism is my mantra. Friends, welcome. Guests, indulge. There's plenty fun to be had.


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