A soft ray of sunlight touches misty
crystalline eyes, that subdue
it’s luminous spectrum disseminating
across her face of hazy glass,
streaming into her soft, sweet smile
of serenity. The colors sweep in and
out and all around her, illuminating
her with every tint of pastel
exuberance, vivid yet soothing.
The way she moves is like that of the
clouds, flowing and dancing through
the dawn and death of each new day.
But sometimes it rains.

Evolving, revolving, she is made of
snowflakes and sandcastles.
She hides away her pearl, like a
sacred treasure, fragile and precious,
from a tainted realm of thieving
cynics. Within her shell, she dreams,
dreams no one can invade. Hurt no
more, her strength on the verge.
She hides behind the sun, tranquil
beams of light diffusing from her
eclipse. And sometimes it’s dark.

A cool gentle mist breathes across
her bedside, whilst the radiant moon
highlights her brilliant luster.
Bitter sweet silence all around.
Her glow fading subtly, a tear
trickles from her eye, and sparkles
for a moment before it dies. No one
can hear her. She drifts away, and
dreams of someone to hold her hand.
But why is it so cold?


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