Cold, Hard Truths

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After venturing into the lifestyles of veganism, environmentalism and anti-consumerism, D and I seem to be travelling down an increasingly empowering path of enlightenment. The more we read, watch and discover for ourselves, the more educated we become and the better the choices we make on what to eat, wear, buy or how we live our lives in general. It’s true what they say; the truth will set you free. Thanks to books like Skinny Bitch, Body & Soul and The Secret, organisations like PETA and Adbusters and documentaries such as Earthlings , An Inconvenient Truth and Super Size Me, we now know so much more about our world and the industries that operate it than ever before.

All of this newfound wisdom sure sheds some much needed light on the misinformation that the general populace so ignorantly devours and genuinely takes as fact. Everybody knows the entire planet is totally fucked up because of our selfish bullshit but far too few of us are aware of why that is. So, rather than just accept the fact that we are inherently the absolute filth of the Earth and continue on down the road of self-destruction, perhaps it’s time we take an eye-opening glimpse into the actual reasons behind that and fucking do something about it for once:

Zeitgeist, The Movie
Enter, Zeitgeist. More along the lines of a two-hour long slap in the face than a documentary, this film has proven to be the biggest reality check of our lives. Released in June 2007, it’s made quite the impact already and I imagine its powerful ripple is still in effect. Granted, it’s mostly surrounding religious and political conspiracy in the US but these are topics that effect our entire species. Zeitgeist offers a grim reminder that there are some real shitty global forces at play and that, perhaps, you should be aware that their dirty tactics do involve you.

Learn something. Download or watch the video here:


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