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Putting On The Ritz

So I’ve just started putting together a little something called the Guide To The Silky Way, for lack of a better name (I get lazy with being creative when it’s this late) that consists of various websites I frequent to download music. Some of you might know, some of you might not but, whenever I’m actively involved in Second Life, I go about business by the name of Summer Escape and I just so happen to be an online DJ and freelance photographer/graphic designer. When I’m on the decks though, so to speak, I still go by Silky. And often, people make requests to hear a certain song that I might not have in my possession. It’s at times like these when this particular guide comes in handy. P2P is simply too slow to accommodate me so I make do with search engines and directories and the like. Nowadays, though, I use it mostly to download music for my own enjoyment. And damn, I have fun with it.

In other news… Mom got mad at me today and started flying off the handle for no apparent reason, chewing my head off about me being disrespectful and unappreciative and how she hopes my child doesn’t treat me the way I treat her. 5 minutes later, she was fine. I guess it’s just one of those mother things but I’ve been more worried about her lately than I ever have before. The other day, she vanished off the face of the Earth until the next morning when she mysteriously made it back home, got her coffee and suit and went to work as if nothing had happened. After struggling to reach her for hours, she finally gave me a call and told me she wasn’t feeling so well (to put it very mildly) and insisted I say nothing to anybody.

And I’m the one in counselling.

Aside from that, it was a pretty swell day. D and I made the rounds that morning dropping off one of my portfolios to a potential employer and walking through town under a warm, Caribbean sun (or sweltering heat, depending on which one of us you ask). We picked up some lunch from Kirk Supermarket and took a bus down to the Ritz-Carlton, where I planned to submit another résumé but I decided we’d enjoy some of the fancy shmancy amenities first. So we lounged on a coupled of shaded beach chairs and enjoyed our sandwiches and snacks, went for a little swim and relaxed in the glistening saltwater for a few hours before heading in. Their bathrooms are probably some of the nicest I’d ever seen. (We stole the towels.) Danielle certainly enjoyed them.

We made a friend on the bus on the way back whom I have yet to call, damnit. I’ve gotten so accustomed to laying low since we arrived that I keep forgetting to get in touch with people. I guess I’m just having too much fun being caught up with D. She makes my world shine, I swear. Well, nothing else to report, I suppose. Maybe I’ll talk about the other Virtual Console games we downloaded or the movie The Fountain we just watched later.


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